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Custom Handcrafted Guitars


Having worked with some of the finest guitar makers in the Southern California, Galletta Guitars constructs and builds custom guitars combining his mentor's classic hand made approach to the instrument coupled with mother natures gifts of beauty creating unique, stunning,and truly one-of-a-kind instruments of the highest quality sonic and tonal capabilities.

Whether you need a simple repair/setup or a complete overhaul of a new or vintage instrument, or perhaps even a new Galletta Custom handmade guitar, you can count on Galletta Guitars to complete your order and make your dream a reality.

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Galletta Guitars

 Galletta Guitars is based in Southern California and was born out of the love and passion for designing custom handmade heirloom guitars.

Since the late 80's, Galletta has been working with mother nature's gift of beauty, and painstakingly combining an array of mixed materials to create some of the most unique instruments in the world today.

It all started as a hobby that turned quickly into a passion, and then blossomed into a 25-year career of repairing, designing, creating, and customizing stringed instruments of all kinds.  Many of our clients are some of the most discriminating professional touring and recording artists in the world.

Eric Galletta first apprenticed under the legendary guitar maker, Wayne Charvel, who was the Southern California originator of the hot-rod concept and designer of electric guitars. Galletta later became partners with Wayne Charvel under the guitar brands and co-designed for Ritz Guitars and WRC Guitars. Galletta has also worked with  legendary guitar maker and designer Bernie Rico of the famed B.C. Rich Guitars. Eric also worked and apprenticed with legendary guitar maker and pioneer R.C. "Dick" Allen, who also taught and enabled him to suss-out the construction secrets of the father of the modern solid-body guitar, Paul A. Bigsby and build guitars from Bigsby Guitar #2 Serial # 81848 completed on August 18,1948.

Contact us to learn more about the build process and customization of a Galletta Guitar!

Pictured below is a small sample of most recent instruments I've recently completed.

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Galletta Guitars

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